Kilian Kroell Certified Life Coach


As a business owner and a person with a skill set that matches my diverse interests, I am constantly -- and literally -- in the business of matching who I am with what I do.

My professional job titles have ranged from "Accounts Manager," over "Artist in Residence" to "Executive Coach." I've taught and learned in Germany, Austria, the United States, England and Denmark; in city, farm and snowy mountain range. I've worked with entrepreneurs, artists, teachers and professionals in corporate, non-profit, retail, educational, theatrical and culinary settings. I often straddle several of these personal and professional worlds simultaneously.

I come from a multicultural family of artists and teachers in four countries, who inspire me to use my cross-cultural understanding to help others grow and succeed. I received a BA in English & Queer Studies from Haverford College and an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of East London. And since you asked, I am an iPEC-accredited Certified Professional Coach as well as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

My personal coaching process draws upon this amalgam of professional cultures, as well as on my multi-national upbringing, my interdisciplinary academic work, and on my love of the road less traveled.

Further attributes I bring to our coaching relationship include:

I encourage you to contact me for a 30-minute COMPLIMENTARY SESSION to find out more about the coaching process and how coaching might work for you! (+1 215.717.8424 /